What is TAO and how does it affect me?
This quick two minute video explains it

What does

Talent Acquisition Outsourcing

do for you?

Personnel are a company’s greatest asset, and the positive effect that driven, experienced, knowledgeable staff have on the bottom line is highly significant, so we at JFS have designed a unique system to make sure your team grows the way it should. We believe that good people drive businesses to new heights and TAO ensures that our clients get the best people possible to deliver the right skills, attitude and knowledge that make your business a success.

  • Access to exclusive top level candidates (the kind that don’t frequent job portals)
  • Save advertising costs
  • Save valuable time and energy
  • Reduce training costs and re-hiring problems
  • Intelligent profiling ensures more suitable and tailored hires
  • Helps your business to grow with the best possible staff
  • Promotes the growth of a positive business culture

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We save you time and money…

doing what we excel at, leaving you to get on with what you excel at…

running your business!

staff selection

Screening Process

By utilising intelligent processes and significant business experience we provide you with actual “candidates” and not applicants. There is a vast difference between the two as we ensure our candidates have the relevant skills and the right personality for the role and the business, we interview them extensively, profile them, and ensure personality “fit” before we send them to you!

Access to the Best Candidates

We have thousands of quality candidates on our database, so you don’t need to advertise, read hundreds of CV’s, carry out lots of interviews, short list and then interview again before selecting the right candidate. Through intelligent marketing we are constantly attracting the best people for your business.

Phone Number Job Finder Spain