David has successfully helped us on many occasions to hire staff for sales, marketing and admin roles across the company. David is always very quick to respond to our requests and the quality of candidates he puts forward is always very high. Many of the top performers in our company have come through David’s efforts and I would not hesitate to recommend his services. He is a true professional in his field.

David H
Real Estate CEO

One of the biggest challenges in operating a business on the Costa del Sol is trying to find good people. We want the best people to support our clients. Job Finder Spain utilises leading-edge profiling, insists on screening candidates before interview, and stays involved throughout the early period of candidates´ employment to help us achieve this. Their commitment to us as a business, their candidates as individuals, and their role as a professional recruitment partner has been invaluable.

Jon B
General Manager / Real Estate and Investments

David helped save my business which probably had only a few more weeks to survive. He came in and quickly assessed the situation and put together a recovery strategy which returned us to profit within a few months. He also renegotiated terms with our distributors and was instrumental in signing major new distributor contracts overseas.

Charles P
Electronics Manufacturing

JFS via their UK office were instrumental in creating and developing our business. They wrote the initial business plan to help us raise the funding required and advised us on the initial roll out and subsequent development of the business over the first few months.

David P
CEO / Online Retail Group

David’s team at EBS were initially tasked with the due diligence on a potential takeover of a small UK business. They were then hired to develop and run the business for the first six months. During that time they recruited a strong team of people, put together a successful sales and marketing strategy and closed international distribution deals in excess of $1.5m

Graham H
Renewable Energy

We have worked with David for many years and he has been instrumental in guiding us from a start up to a European wide business network. He has been invaluable in our business planning and development, sales and marketing strategy, channel development and legal and financial matters.

Debbi G
MD / Health and Nutrition