We are a Recruitment and Business Development Agency dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients

Our Team

So whether you are looking for quality staff, looking for a new job, or looking to grow your business, we can help you achieve your aims professionally and productively. We also have a wealth of experience helping companies to develop and grow by providing sound and well-proven business advice to an extensive range of businesses over three decades. This is one of the key reasons we can excel in recruitment as we understand how businesses need to operate, and the important role that good staff play in making a business successful. This has also helped us to create our  unique profiling system that takes much of the subjective process out of candidate selection and separates us from other recruitment companies.

JobFinder Spain – Smart recruitment at sensible prices!

Our Mission

Working in Spain

Our mission is to provide superior service, delivered rapidly and cost-effectively. From the initial call and introduction to the final delivery, we want our clients and candidates to feel they have had a complete recruitment solution tailored to their specific needs and one that results in a beneficial and productive experience.

In an age where everything is done online and in an industry that has become less and less personal in its workings, we at JobFinder Spain take a different and more personal approach, in that we like to meet with our candidates and get to know them, understand their work requirements, professionally profile them, and help advise them on a positive approach to their next career move.

For us, it is not all about placing people to earn our fee, and it is not just about finding a role for our candidates, it is all about finding the right role. As someone once said….

«Get a job you enjoy and be on holiday for the rest of your life

Working in Spain

As probably most of us who live here know, Spain is a great place to live but not always the easiest place to work, especially over the past few years. Many people who love living here have difficulty finding the right job, with the right income to pay the bills and enjoy the environment they live in. That’s where we come in at JobFinder Spain, as another part of our mission is to “Get Spain Back To Work.”

Our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with our experience and agility enables us to respond swiftly to clients’ needs, ensuring that our clients continue to work with us time and time again as their trusted recruitment partner.

In addition to being a Recruitment Agency, we are also a Business Development Agency. Our directors have many years of experience building, managing and advising a diverse range of companies across many different business sectors. Our business experience means we are better able to understand the needs of our clients in terms of exactly what they are looking for in a candidate, and matching our candidates’ skills with the right client.

This means that we are also able to offer a wide range of business services to our clients, including Outsourcing, Company Review and Audit, Business Planning and Strategy, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Change Management, Training, and Turnaround and Recovery.

Where people Really Matter

We understand our clients. Providing professional advice to businesses over decades means that we have to understand how businesses work, what they need to be even better, and how to create, develop and apply sound business practices to facilitate sustained growth and profitability for the future. In our view, people are the most important component of any business, so understanding the needs of the business and matching them to the right people is a process that we are both used to and passionate about!

We also fully understand how important good people are within a business and how much the right people can add to the income, profitability and value of a business. We recognise the need for people to have the right skills to do the job before they need to do it.

This is why we also offer a range of business services including:

  • Training and Mentoring
  • Staff Review and Audit
  • Team Building
  • Motivational Analysis
  • Sales Training

We want our clients to have the best people available and that is why we go the extra distance to find them.

For us at JobFinder Spain, our success is our people. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our most important assets through motivation, recognition and reward for excellence. Our core values underpin everything we do and as such is reflected by our people and subsequently in our reputation as a premier recruitment business.