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Application for Employment

Searching for a job can be a job in itself, and that’s where we come in. Over the years of running and advising different businesses, we’ve built up a large knowledge base of different techniques on  how to get people the jobs of their dreams. Below you’ll find some of our best tips and advice on how to better prepare yourself for your new job with a well written resume, useful and important interview techniques, and other relevant information.

1. Resume Writing

Your future employer will probably spend twenty seconds or less scanning your resume. Most employers hate reading CV’s as it can be time consuming and interferes with their main business activity which after all is running their businesses! To be remembered you must make an immediate impact with your CV, and you must be clear about why you’re a great fit for the position you are applying for. In order to best highlight your experience, you need to create a resume that explains who you are and what you’ve done in a concise and simple manner. READ MORE…

2. Interview Preparation

There is more to going to an interview than showing up, looking good, and asking for the job. There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before you even set foot in the door. Everything counts, the Resume, the appropriate dress and appearance. To know the route that you have to take to be on time, to know who is your interviewer, and even more important, research the company and having questions to make and to answer. READ MORE

3. Types of Interviews

The Phone Interview

Phone interviews are a common way for organizations to screen candidates in order to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for an in-person interview. Just as in any resume situation, first impressions matter. In today’s marketplace 80% of job interviews are won or lost during the first five minutes of a phone interview conversation. Here are some tips meant to help you do well in your interview and move on to the next round. READ MORE

The Lunch Interview

Navigating the lunch interview ritual can be difficult; you must demonstrate that you are poised, intelligent and pleasant, while gracefully eating the food in front of you. Be personable, polite, use your table manners and follow these guidelines for a successful interview. To continue reading, click here