Hiring Remotely – 
The Do’s & Don’ts for a Successful Remote Interview

Hiring Remotely – 
The Do’s & Don’ts for a Successful Remote Interview

Hiring Remotely, modern technology makes it possible.

Modern Technology has made the business world smaller than ever before, especially when it comes to recruitment and hiring remotely. Thanks to tools like Skype and Google Hangouts,

candidates who may be abroad or far from the hiring company location can enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face interview without actually having to be physically present.

Most employers still like to carry out face to face interviews but if you look good on your CV most will agree to a remote online meeting before ruling a good candidate out.

Geographical distance between potential employers and job seekers is no longer the problem that it once was, and online interviewing can never truly replace face-to-face meetings, but it is the best alternative that we have to the real thing when face to face is not possible.

So what do you need to do to make an online interview a success?

Hiring Remotely: DO’s….

Know how to use the software you are using. Whether it’s Skype, Google Hangouts or another platform, know how to use the technology to best effect. Fumbling over the controls will not instill confidence in your IT capabilities.

Find a quiet environment away from your kids or animals and make sure everyone nearby knows not to interrupt you. Barking dogs, squawking birds or your own little ankle biters will not add to your chances of success.

Get a quality camera and microphone so you can look and sound great.

Make sure your environment is not too hot or too cold, sweating or shivering will not help your cause.

Adjust your lighting to avoid shadows or over-exposure. Soft, natural lighting is your best bet. Try and make sure that you have light from both sides of your face.

Make sure you have some water close by but not right next to the PC, and take a teaspoon of honey to sooth your throat before you go “on air.”

Sit in front of a neutral coloured background to create a professional-looking backdrop that does not compete with your wardrobe.

Clean the camera lens so you don’t look blurry or smudged on screen.

Get the right angle. Your camera needs to be at eye level.

Look straight into the camera. This way, it appears on the other end that you are looking right at the other person. Make eye contact naturally just as you would at a face to face meeting.

Write a script. Know what you plan to say, rehearse it and post it on cue cards behind the camera to remind you of all the key points.

Hiring Remotely: DON’T’s….

Talk too much when you are giving answers to questions or in describing your background and experience. Your interview is about the other person getting all the information they need, not about you telling them as much as possible.

Have a greasy face as it will show on camera. If necessary wash and dry your face before your interview.

Have an unprofessional or juvenile username.

Move around too much. Stay still and focused, and don’t use a swivel or a reclining chair.

Get distracted by other windows or programs on your computer or phone. The only thing on your screen should be the other person’s face. Avoid looking out windows or doors and becoming distracted by anything off-screen.

Show too much skin. Dress in the same professional attire that you would wear to an in-person interview. When in doubt smart it out!

Look at Your mobile phone. No matter how addicted you are to your pet mobile, do not look at it at any time during your remote interview. Make sure ring and notification tones are switched off during your meeting.

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