How to find and keep the best personnel in Spain

The success of a company is dependent upon its people. This is the reason why creating a strong workforce and retaining it is crucial for any business that wants to grow and expand.

A high employee attrition rate can be extremely detrimental to the future of any company that wants to stand the test of time. High staff turnover can cost business owners money and time, and it can seriously hinder productivity.

However, keeping the best talent in-house is no easy task and like everything in business, it requires a strategy.

Finding the Right Staff

One of the most efficient ways of finding the best employees is to hire a professional recruitment agency such as Jobfinder Spain. If you are looking for quality personnel, a reputable recruitment agency can help you find the right match for your company.

At Job Finder Spain we take the time to meet our candidates and we follow strict selection procedures to ensure you get the best candidate for the job.

We can also train your workforce and give provide valuable advice on all aspects of your business.

Find the best personnel

Retaining Staff

Some business owners assume that good salaries are enough to keep their staff happy and motivated. Although money is important, there are other factors that are as important if you want to retain your staff.

Creating a pleasant company culture where employees feel appreciated and valued, and encouraging a climate of trust and loyalty are some factors that can positively impact on your employee retention rates.

But how can this be achieved?

Make the Package Attractive

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for”. If you are looking for the best talent, you need to be prepared to offer a salary that matches the responsibilities, experience and skills required for the role. An underpaid employee would seldom work to his or her full potential and is more likely to abandon the company in the first few months. It is often tempting for business owners in times of economic recession to think they can get the best employees for less money, after all demand for jobs is usually high and employers might feel they have the upper hand.

Attractive job package

This short-sighted assumption can make people forget how fast a situation can change and when this happens it is often too late. The best way to achieve a long lasting and profitable business is to have a strong team of happy and loyal staff working together to weather any storm that might come their way. Employees are simply not going to do that if they feel undervalued. Other ways of showing your staff that you care are sometimes quite simple. For instance, offering flexitime, telecommuting, a company phone or car, a bonus and so on, might have a positive effect on their motivation and focus.

Attractive Job package

Create a Great Work Environment!

The environment and surroundings play a very important role in fostering productivity within a company.

Workers should feel comfortable and the working space should be inviting. An office that is well laid out and organized, fully equipped, and visually appealing can contribute greatly towards creating a pleasant feel among staff.

Additionally, allowing employees to define and design their own work area can also be highly positive.  Simple things such as being able to have family photos or favourite paintings can go a long way.

Provide Ongoing Professional Training

Ongoing professional training should be part of any business strategy and it should be done on a regular basis. It could be done in-house by a senior member of staff or it could be outsourced.

Job Finder Spain is also a business development agency and can therefore offer training courses for businesses.

Our experienced consultants have many years of experience running and advising companies across a wide cross section of processes and industry sectors.

Ask Your Staff How They Feel!

It might be quite useful to conduct interviews or surveys among your staff to find out what their perception of the company is, what things could be improved, why they stay in the company and what would make them leave the company. All this information could be used to prevent potential problems and to create strategies that will prevent your best people from leaving the company.

At Job Finder Spain we carry out independent Staff Reviews together with Personality Profiling assessments, and provide our clients with an audit summary detailing a number of relevant factors relating to their workforce, effectively providing an “independent assessment” for each team member. This removes the entire overhead of the process from the company management team, thereby saving money and also eliminates the subjectivity from the process that can often cause internal friction and resentment.

Promote From Within If Possible

This is an excellent way of proving your loyalty to your staff. If your employees see that you are prepared to give priority to the team, it will motivate them to work harder as they will clearly see a progression path within the company.

Seeing no future for themselves at the company will have the opposite effect, your staff will feel frustrated and their productivity will suffer as a result.

Again our staff assessments and personality profiling systems can also significantly assist in the selection and review process for promotion candidates, as it is not always the person who is best at fulfilling their role that makes the best manager of others.

Communicate Well!

Firstly, you should make sure employees know exactly what is expected of them. Having clear targets and objectives is essential if you want them to perform to the best of their abilities. Secondly, keep the communication channels open at all times. Staff should be able to ask any questions and be able to speak frankly with their managers without fear of repercussion. Managers should be trained on how to deal with potential staff problems and their main aim should be to find constructive solutions at all times. Finally, having regular staff meetings is also important. Managers should be careful to set up a well thought out agenda before the meeting and employees should be encouraged to make contributions by offering their ideas and asking questions.


At Job Finder Spain we have decades of experience helping businesses to build high performing teams, from both the recruitment, training and business development perspectives. It may be that we think as a business that our “Customer is King” but it may also be said that our correctly recruited, well trained, highly performing, loyal and dedicated workforce is really our Royalty!

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