How to find best staff on the Costa del Sol

Finding the best staff is always a challenge in any location and certainly no different on the Costa del Sol.

Before we start, obviously we’d like a quick word about us. Job Finder Spain offers recruitment services in the Costa del Sol. We have an exceptional network of online connections and referrals due to long upstanding reputation. This brings in over 250 new high quality candidates weekly, the vast majority of which do not visit online platforms or read the expat newspapers. They contact us directly when they arrive in Spain or when they leave their job on the Costa del Sol.

Often they come to us through a friend we have previously placed or because of our reputation for working with the best employers. Candidates also arrive through Google because of our help pages dedicated to assisting competent, qualified experienced job seekers in finding work on the costa del Sol.

Without further ado, her are some tips on How to find best staff in the Costa del Sol.

Things to consider when looking for staff: Defining what “best” means:

The first think to consider is how good do your staff need to be in terms of education, skills and experience. Establish what the key metrics are you need to measure them by. If you are looking for sales people, telemarketers or real estate representatives you might value a combination of professional personal presentation, ability to listen, aptitude in engaging with customers and of course the ability to sell (close). Conversely if you need office staff you might require technical aptitude with systems. Staff in the tourist industry may need language skills, and hospitality staff may simply need to be friendly and reliable above all else.

The point is you should be clear on what defines the “best staff” for the position you are looking to fill as this will affect how you go about finding them. Part of the process of recruitment which we undertake on behalf of clients will be to help you answer these equations in ways you might never have anticipated. Performing the search for the best candidate starts with a clear idea about how to recognise them.

Which locations to target for staff on the Costa del Sol

Regardless of where you are, Malaga, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Marbella etc your options are pretty similar because most publications, websites and recruitment services cover the whole of the Costa del Sol. Candidates are also often willing to drive a little or even relocate within the coast for the right job, especially if they have only recently arrived and their accommodation is somewhat temporary. So the location doesn’t have a large amount of influence on your talent search options for finding the best staff.

Where can you look for great staff on the Coast?

So the big question now is; Where can I advertise on the Costa del Sol to find great staff?

Here are the usual suspects:

Before you jump and start randomly ordering advertising, consider this, our recruitment service includes cross-media, cross-platform advertising, organic candidate capture through online networks and referrals, complete candidate filtering and evaluation including extensive interviews and personality report.

All this before we even provide you with final candidates.

It’s a process which would be impossible to replicate and saves you time and money by wrapping everything in to a full service and ensuring you get the best staff in the Costa del Sol.

Most of our best candidates don’t come through methods mentioned here. However it’s a great starting point to illustrate the work involved in finding the best staff in the Costa del Sol.

Call now

1) Online Job Portals:

Advertising in an online Job portal which is focussed on the Costa del Sol can be a good way reaching a reasonable number of people. There are many Job boards that businesses in south Spain can advertise their open vacancies but no single platform shines above the rest. Some are frequented by specific job seekers in particular industries others have high volumes of every person imaginable.

There is one common denominator for all of Job boards on the Costa del Sol: You will get inundated with applicants which are unsuitable or completely unqualified. It’s almost as though expats decide they no longer need to meet the criteria in the job description because they are in a foreign country (incorrectly assuming that there may be no better applicant).

It’s a phenomenon we have observed all too often on the Costa del Sol. This invariably means that in order to have a decent number of real high quality candidates, you will have to advertise through a large number of portals and spend a lot of time filtering candidates. Or you could talk to us.


2) Expat magazines:

If you want to find the best staff in the Costa del Sol you can also consider advertising in any one of the expat magazines. If you are trying to find the best staff in the Costa del Sol the general rule, as with online job portals, is to advertise in as many as you can. Of course, the more ads you make the more your costs will increase.

In our experience they are all good at generating applicants, the only issue becomes one of quality. As with online portals, it is all too common to think that speaking English is all an employer is really looking for because we are in Spain, so be prepared for an influx of pleasant inexperienced people with no qualification and even se real crazies who have arrived here and have a false sense of entitlement just because they speak English.

Of course finding the best staff means you need to choose from a large pool of shining stars. Increasing your search audience through expat magazines, although it will result in a time consuming filtration,  will help you find the best staff in the Costa del Sol.

Social Media

3) Facebook:

Another good place to look for candidates are Facebook groups designed to help Job seekers and employers find each other in the Costa del Sol.

In reality these are not much more that a constant barrage of people looking for new multi-level-marketing signups. The audience is mostly made up of people who were once looking for work (but no longer are) and people who want a magical “high paying work from home job”. If you are looking for the best staff in the Costa del Sol it’s very important to be honest about this and know that advertising on Facebook can be of limited value.

Sometimes you will simply be increasing the number of CV’s you need to filter because there aren’t too many high level candidates connecting this way. While it should be part of a complete strategy, you should be aware of the time and energy cost associated with advertising on Facebook Groups.

We have an expert filtration system which includes cross-platform advertising and will ensure you get the exposure to top quality candidates without the hassle.

A better way to find the best staff in the Costa del Sol:

Yes, we’re biased. We want your business and believe our own service is far better for finding the best staff on the Costa Del Sol than having to do all of the above and spend so much time filtering candidates. In our experience employers often cut corners because they need the staff, but don’t have the time needed to satisfactorily carry out a search. Our professional service will not only give you access to a wider range off high quality staff but also, we’ll do the filtering from all our sources as well as job boards, employment portals, Facebook groups, Facebook ads and expat newspapers and magazines. After our extensive search for the best candidates, we take care of initial interviews for you providing you the proverbial “cream of the crop”. If you are looking for the best staff in the Costa del Sol, then start with us. While you carry on with what you do best, we’ll find them for you.