How to find a sales job in Spain

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to move to Spain or you already live here and want to change jobs, there are many sales jobs available for expats in Spain, especially along the coast. If you are looking for a sales job you need to know where to look and what preparations you will have to make.
Many people find sales jobs through word of mouth, but if you are a new expat you might not yet have many connections in Spain. This is where we as a recruiting company can assist you, because our mission at Jobfinder Spain is, to place our applicants in the right job.

How does the job market in Spain effect my options

Although Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, it is also one of the fastest growing economies, and due to lower average wages very attractive for foreign companies, that are always in need of English speaking sales personnel.
The high unemployment rate mainly effects positions for unskilled workers, whereas highly skilled positions are often even difficult to fill. As an English speaking sales person, you have many possibilities in Spain.
The real estate market along the coast has started to recover, so there are also opportunities to find a job in real estate selling to other expats or regular holiday makers. Spanish property continues to be sought after by foreigners either as a permanent holiday home, residence or investment.

What do I have to do to work in Spain

The EU and EEA (European Economic Area) allow citizens of member states to freely work in Spain. People from outside the EU or EEA need a residence visa and working permit. You apply for the appropriate documents at the local police station or the immigration office.

Every expat needs an NIE number to work, which also serves as a tax number.
Most positions for sales jobs in Spain are commission based, which means you have to be self-employed. You must register as “autónomo” with the Social Security Office in order to work as a self-employed person.

What qualifications do I need

As an expat working as a sales person in Spain you will have to be fluent in English and preferably have previous experience in telemarketing and sales, as well know how to present yourself.
If you are looking for a position as sales representative or want to work in the real estate sector, speaking English will also be your best qualification, as you will possibly be selling to foreign holiday makers or expats.
At Jobfinder Spain we are happy to advice you on the presentation of your CV.

Where is the best location in Spain for english speakers

Spain is quite a large country and every region is different. To find a suitable job as a telemarketer or sales representative the best area on the Spanish mainland to look for a sales job is the Costa del Sol.

The coast is the most popular region for tourism and very developed. There is a big expat community which is very important for networking.

The Costa del Sol attracts many foreign investment companies who are always looking for good sales personnel.
 The best locations along the Costa del Sol are Marbella, Malaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Benalmadena.

Jobfinder Spain Top Tips for finding a job in Spain

Even if you are looking for a job as an English speaking sales person, it pays to learn some basic Spanish to help you deal with the local authorities for obtaining your NIE and social security number.
Use the fact that you are a foreigner to your advantage to differentiate yourself. Instead of competing with Spanish job seekers look specifically for job offers targeting English speakers.
 Prepare and update your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a useful resource in finding out about a job applicant, so make sure you look professional.
 Connect with other expats in your area for better networking.
Learn about the company or product of a potential employer where you want to apply.