Recruitment Services for Companies

We Find You the Best Candidates by being more thorough in our approach and utilising a range of intelligent processes to make sure we find you the best people available. If you are not sure whether our Recruitment Services are what you need,  ask yourself….

  • Have you used recruitment companies before only to find that the CV’s or the candidates bear little resemblance to what you asked for?
  • Would you have preferred that the candidates they sent to you had actually been interviewed and / or profiled by the recruitment agency first?
  • Have you recruited previously only to find the candidate is unsuitable or leaves the company within days or weeks of starting?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, and if you’re committed to achieving professional goals, you need a partner that understands what it takes to succeed in a competitive market.

Recruitment Services for Companies

Why our Recruitment Services are different

Recruitment Services for Clients

In an age where nearly everything is done online and in an industry that has become more and more impersonal in its workings, we at JobFinder Spain take a different and more personal approach, in that we like to meet with our candidates and get to know them, understand their background and experience, professionally profile them and help advise and prepare them on a positive approach to their next career move.

Similarly, we like to meet with all our Clients to understand the needs of the business, the job specification for the role, and to get a better feel for the company culture, the working style, the management team, as well as all the usual details such as working hours, salary and terms etc.

This means that you do not waste precious time and money advertising, reading through a multitude of CV’s, then interviewing and testing many candidates. It is not unusual to receive hundreds of applications for just one position so this approach can be an extremely laborious and time-consuming process.

That is why we do all this for you, along with all our recruitment and profiling processes so that you only need to see two or three candidates who you can be confident will actually meet your key specification criteria for the role. Think of it in a way as more of a final interview with us handling all the advertising, CV selection, profiling, filtering and initial interviews.

To date, we have an extremely high conversion rate in terms of candidate placements with around one placement for every two candidates interviewed. This means we take all the hard work out of recruiting and leave you to do what you are best at…running your business. A quick look at some of our growing testimonials shows what our clients and candidates think about our recruitment services.

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