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Recruitment Services for Candidates in Spain

Firstly, we have been where you are at different stages of our lives. That’s why we know how difficult it can be here in Spain to find the right job in the right place, and with the right salary.

That’s why we care about getting it right for you. In order to do this, and as unfashionable as it may be these days, we like to meet with you face to face. How else can we tell what skills you have, understand what you are really looking for, what makes you tick and how you would interview. This is a highly time consuming process and therefore costly for recruitment companies to carry out, which is why most of them don’t want to actually meet with you. However, we believe it is absolutely fundamental in helping us to help you and our clients achieve the best possible results.

Of course we provide a professional recruitment service and need to earn money from our placements, but we know that the way we do things actually works, and part of that process is meeting up with our candidates rather than just having you fill in an online form, exchange e-mails or have a quick chat over the phone.

So first of all, when you send us your CV we will call you for an initial chat and find out what type of role you are looking for, we then search our client database to find suitable roles for you. We will then discuss these roles with you and arrange a meeting with you to discuss these roles in more detail.

At our meeting we will talk about your suitability for certain roles and then discuss your profile and experience with suitable clients to arrange interview(s) for you.

At this stage we forward your details to the clients prior to the interview. Once the interview is arranged we will speak with you to prepare you for the interview and then speak with both you and our client after the interview for mutual feedback. Hopefully, at this stage we would be looking for an offer from our client or at least a positive move to the next stage of the client recruitment process, and we would also negotiate any terms on your behalf.

Once you have actually started working with the client we maintain a dialogue with both you and the client over the first few weeks to ensure both parties are satisfied with the placement.

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