How to retain great employees and reduce staff turnover in the Costa del Sol

How to retain great employees and reduce staff turnover in the Costa del Sol

Retaining great employees is important for your business. There are, however, many underpinning explanations as to why there is such a high turnover of staff on the Costa del Sol. Here on the Costa del Sol employment has historically been largely focused on either the sales or hospitality sector’s, both of which are renowned for their high turnover of staff.


In Spain, there are largely two types of candidates seeking employment:

  • Staff who may have become disillusioned with the working environment as they have been promised good commissions but then later discovered for example that there are insufficient leads to enable this to become a reality, so due to the financial pressures seek alternative employment.
  • Many adverts are for the dream life here in Spain which can attract younger applicants who (especially now with the summer months rapidly approaching) will apply for positions but possess the mindset “to party more than work.” The minimum wage in 2017 is set at 7€ per hour with expected working hours for office employment normally until 7 or 8 pm. In addition, many are also unaware of the paperwork required and the higher seasonal costs associated with finding suitable accommodation during their stay resulting in some of them returning to the UK after just a few months.

Life in Spain as most ex-pats will understand can present a lot of stressful situations for both employees and employers. This is largely due to the need for adjustment in work culture and the different lifestyle of living in Spain. It is critical to obtain a good balance between the working environment and the lifestyle.

Adjusting work expectations on the Costa del Sol

We all expect that our employees and employers will be to the UK standard despite the different lifestyle and culture here in Spain. Ultimately potential employees have either left their native homes for a better life or more commonly recently as an escape route to get away from the changes in the UK following Brexit. After all, we are all here or dreaming of a life in Spain due to the weather and a more relaxed lifestyle, however, this environment can be difficult when looking for and keeping good staff.

So when looking for that ideal job in Spain it is best to go to a professional job finder agency that offers a professional placement service to its candidates. Many agencies these days do not even want to meet candidates and do everything based on the candidates’ CV which can be highly subjective and misleading for potential employers. It is hard to imagine buying any kind of product that may cost many thousands of Euros a year without actually seeing it, so it is even more mystifying why an employer would hire a new member of staff without meeting them first.

Taking your time when hiring staff on the Costa del Sol

job interview

Companies here in Spain need to recognise how important it is to retain and nurture your staff as people are the key to success in any business. From an employer’s perspective, they may struggle to find the right staff especially if it’s a low salary or self-employed position. The importance of investing in your current staff who are accustomed to live here and who are settled into the work culture should not be underestimated. 

As a recruitment and business development agency we are able to undertake a full appraisal of your staff and to help identify any areas within your business that require either training of new or existing staff to assisting with lead generation or marketing. Most employers do not undertake training here to the same level as a company in the UK would, whether that be in customer services or in understanding the sales process. Without a full skills assessment of the potential candidates, it is difficult to identify their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately how to achieve the best performance from them. No one likes going to work if it’s not a good working, friendly environment and ultimately this results from happy staff who are prepared to work hard to enable the company to be successful and ultimately provides a stable working environment. 

To assist companies here on the Costa del Sol in the difficult recruitment process we undertake an initial phone interview and then a detailed 1-2-hour face to face interview where we access candidates to fully understand their personality, work experience and skill set, career expectations and suitability to differing roles. So, we can assist with minimising certain elements hence matching to your company working environment.  


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