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That ONE Thing You Should never Reveal at Your Interview

By |2017-12-13T11:33:05+00:00October 26th, 2017|Employment, Interviews, Job Search|

No matter how nervous you are in a job interview, whatever you do don't let it show. That's the advice of recently surveyed hiring managers who say nothing will ruin your chances of getting the job faster than showing a lack of confidence. However, lacking confidence is definitely not the only thing that will [...]

How to reduce staff turnover on the Costa del Sol

By |2017-12-13T11:59:47+00:00August 31st, 2017|Employment, Job Search|

There are many underpinning explanations as to why there is such a high turnover of staff on the Costa del Sol. Here on the Costa del Sol employment has historically been largely focused on either the sales or hospitality sector’s, both of which are renowned for their high turnover of [...]

Finding business advice in Spain

By |2017-12-04T16:51:06+00:00August 8th, 2017|Business Development|

Costa del Sol is an extremely competitive market and to be able to be successful one requires great expertise, flexibility and hard work. Otherwise, any minor error can make the difference between winning and losing your business. Every sage advice you can get for your business is a pivotal ingredient to your success. However, [...]

Finding a job in Spain all you need to know

By |2017-12-13T12:00:42+00:00November 19th, 2016|Employment, Job Search|

Finding a Job in Spain Finding a job in Spain can be an interesting and sometimes frustrating pastime. Working in Spain has its benefits but can take some getting used to when coming from other European countries and especially from the US. It is often said that we either “live [...]

Beware! Your online Social Media Profiles may convey the wrong image to recruiters!

By |2017-12-12T17:06:05+00:00November 3rd, 2016|Employment, Job Search|

Study's show Social Media Profiles matter. A recent survey conducted by a market research firm shows that “fewer than 15 percent of participants surveyed believe that information found on thier online social media profiles would have any impact on their ability to get a job.” The survey also found that 70 percent of the [...]